I’d just thought I’d share with you some private thoughts I had this weekend as to why I love to train new therapists (and old) and why after nearly 100,000 personally delivered treatments over the years, I still feel rewarded by being a laser therapist.

End of Financial Year Blues?

I’ve got to say that I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little glum. I don’t know whether it was the down side post End of Financial Year high. (All small business owners would recognise the feeling of elation that 30th June can bring. A small feeling of accomplishment that we have achieved another business milestone).

Or it could have simply been that it was a glorious Adelaide Saturday and I wanted to be out in it, not inside looking through the windows at the sunshine and blue sky.

However, that wasn’t my destiny yesterday. So I took myself off to the Clinic, turned on the music, lit the candles where they are permitted (no bare flames in a laser room) and let our own bespoke “EnlLYTEned” scent waft through the air.

Why I value being a Laser IPL Therapist!

Then my real reward arrived.

Let’s call him Ben (it’s not his real name and I won’t share his photo yet – that will come soon – with his permission). Ben has been seeing me now for a while. He had a very dark, extremely thick port wine stain birthmark over more than half his face. It also had several nodules that had started growing over it and substantial acne like scarring that gave it a pitted look.

I never know when Ben is going to come in until he decides to book himself online. It’s always interesting to see the changes that occur between appointments, so despite the fact I would have loved to be out in the sunshine, I was looking forward to seeing him.

And boy, it made my day. We are now seeing substantial patches of natural coloured skin through the lesion. Not only that, but the pitted scarring is virtually non-existent.

The sparkle in his eyes, the fact that he told me that colleagues are noticing the changes and the positive feedback he is receiving made my heart sing.

In my years as a laser therapist, I have seen that sparkle in my client’s eyes many times. It isn’t always something as substantial as Ben’s, goal it might simply be a broken capillary on the end of someone’s nose, maybe a pesky skin tag or persistent pigmentation. Our individual personal concerns can take many forms, often affecting our self-esteem.

That’s why we do what we do – we change people’s lives.

Deb Westland

Here are Lucky and Sox. They enjoyed their walk when I’d finished!!