questioning-laser-qualificationsLaser treatments are becoming more and more popular as the positive results that can be achieved are become more widely known. The benefits of laser therapy are enormous, but incorrect treatment can bring a lifetime of remorse. It is little known that in several states in Australia, SA being one of them,* that laser training is not a prerequisite for a therapist to commence treatment.

With machines being purchased from China, for as little as $1000 to $2000, anyone can hang their shingle and think they will make a fast buck. Worse, Laser Safety Certificates are being handed out hand over fist, just so therapists can say they are “qualified”.

We are aware of one franchise who provides an on line laser safety exam that takes no more than 5 minutes. This is simply a marketing ploy that leaves the public open to permanent tissue damage and little repercussion. Without the government stepping up to minimize the influx of unqualified therapists, you, our clients need to be better educated as to the questions you should be asking your therapist, prior to them treating you.

As far as we know, Lyte is the only clinic in Adelaide that insists on therapists possessing nationally accredited qualifications in the form of a Graduate Certificate.
So who can you trust to provide the safest, most effective treatments as well as the best technology tailored to meet your needs?

Not all laser clinics are created equal.  Like most products and services, price (while certainly important) shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when choosing a clinic. After all, you do get what you pay for.  The more educated you are before you venture into a clinic, the less likely it will be that you will be disappointed in your choice of  treatment or therapist.

To assist you in choosing the right laser therapist we’ve have composed a list of  questions we believe you should ask us when having a consult, or even on the phone before making an appointment.,

Question 1:  What qualifications do you have?

 It’s simply not good enough to say  “I’m a nurse” or “I have a laser safety certificate.” This does not mean that your therapist will have a good understanding of laser mechanics and the interaction light has on your skin. Ask them to show you their certification in hair removal or skin treatments.  Do they come from a reputable training college, or simply been handed out by the machine distributor?

If unsure of their knowledge ask a very simple question, such as for hair removal. “ Why will it only work in the growing phase?
If they don’t provide an adequate answer covering hair attachment and increased pigmentation in the hair bulge, during this phase, they may not have a full understanding of the procedure.

Question 2:  How long have you been doing this?

Asking about the length of time in business is another a great question to ask – you want to make sure they’ll be around long enough for you to complete your treatments. especially if they are expecting pre payment. You’ll also want to make sure that you are not their first guinea pig.

Question 3 : What machines do you have and why did you choose them?

Ask them about the difference between laser and IPL machines, the expectations and downfalls. There are many differences between the two.
Ask them how they work and the type of wavelength that is emitted.
Why is this machine the best for your treatment?

The price of treatments can also be effected by the quality of machine being used. With cheap imports becoming more common,  these less effective machines are being used to deliver inexpensive treatments and bring down the overall price point.

Don’t settle for poor results, make sure the laser technology is equivalent when comparing price quotes

Question 4: What is the treatment regimen?

Effectiveness of the overall treatment can be greatly affected by the number and frequency of individual treatments. Knowing that a treatment protocol is based on sound advice and experience is not only reassuring, but helps you feel confident in the results you’ll see at the completion of your treatments.

Another little known factor, particularly in SHR (speedy hair removal) or SSR (Speedy skin rejuvenation) is the number of passes the therapist will use over an area. Some larger chains will dictate a maximum amount of passes. These may not give the desired end result for many clients, resulting in poor results. It may also mean, particularly in hair removal, that you will need to return sooner for follow up treatments as the results do not last as long.  If they are using this method, ask how many passes they expect will give you long best results. 

Question 5?  What risks are there with my treatments?

Why Ask?  With any medical procedure, there are certain risks involved. No matter how minimal the chances are you should understand the types of reactions could occur, the incident rate, and the procedures in place for handling adverse reactions.

Question 6?  Do your advertised fees include all costs?

How transparent are they when you ask for a price. Do they refuse to give you a price over the phone, but insist on “seeing you” before  they quote.

Sometimes, for some treatments, the price really is just too good to be true. You should be aware of any additional costs including the need to purchase additional treatments to achieve your best results.  Some clinics will charge you for a maximum number of shots for an area, then charge a price per shot after that if needed.

Ask what options or guarantees are available to you if you aren’t fully satisfied with your results. What happens if you need more treatments than in their packages.  Do they give you a reasonable price moving forward. Will they give you this in writing?

Question 7: Will it be difficult to schedule future appointments?

Why Ask?  Because laser normally requires a series of treatments, it is important to choose a provider who has the capacity and flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Know the hours and number of treatment rooms available to make sure scheduling future treatments will be as convenient as possible for you.

The results that are obtainable with laser when  using a qualified, experienced therapist and quality equipment can be truly transforming.

If you sound like you know what you are talking about, you will be treated with respect and definitely won’t be hoodwinked. A good therapist who is passionate bout what they do and truly wants the best results possible will appreciate your questions.

* as at 16/3/2016