Rosacea pronounced [“roh-ZAY-sha “]

Rosacea laser treatment

Rosacea | Image courtesy

Are you experiencing increased flushing, broken capillaries appearing on your cheeks or nose or even starting to break out in pimples that you thought you had said goodbye to as a teenager?

All the above are symptoms of a chronic inflammatory disorder called Rosacea. It affects the face, particularly spreading over the cheeks, nose and chin. The symptoms of redness, visible blood vessels, papules and pustules) appear in the middle of the face between the ages of 20 and 50.

Rosacea can affect everybody

Although it mainly occurs in fair-skinned individuals, people of Asian origin also experience the condition. Rosacea is also more prevalent in women, but men suffer more severe symptoms. If you have ever seen a man with a nose that has skin that looks thick and bumpy this is a symptom of rosacea.

Flushing is usually triggered by a response to something that creates heat in your body and the most common are  spicy food, alcohol and weather changes. These are but a few and often sufferers will have more than one.

Rosacea symptoms

The symptoms of rosacea can lead to

  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Sensitivity of the skin and
  • Intolerance to cosmetics are also very common
  • In some cases the eyes can become red, dry and itchy.

In our next blog in this series we will look at rosacea causes, triggers and the benefits of laser treatments in resolving symptoms.