My TruSculpt update – Tummy

In my first TruSculpt blog, I promised that I would share with you my personal experience  moving forward with my own treatments.

You can have a look at my previous chin photos in my last blog,  but now, as promised,  I’ve plucked up the courage to share and  make public my tummy before and after photos.

It’s the price I pay for wanting to let you know that our choice in our methodology for fat loss was actually a great one.  As we all know, pictures always speak louder than words.

At Lyte Clinic, we like to show our own proof of the efficacy of treatments rather than the standard marketing photos provided by Cutera, the distributor. You can see those at any TruSculpt Clinic or on the web.

I can confirm that I was independently monitored by the whiz of fitness, Sarah Kuss of Fitness Boutique by Sarah. She’s just around the corner on Unley Road. I dropped 1.5% in body fat during the time frame. (in the interest of transparency, I did no cardio or fat burning exercise, but  I did do 2 sessions of pilates for core strengthening each week). I can say that although trimmer nd slimmer, with less fat, I have not lost any actual weight – go figure!

On an emotional level, I am feeling better and more confident that I’m no longer carrying around my post-menopausal tummy.  My upper arms have also been treated are feeling firmer and slimmer. I need one of the team to take the after photos of those, so I can’t share them just yet.

I’ve dropped a size in jeans (I was thrilled!!) and the skin on both areas have tightened and no longer looks saggy and pudgy.

So, below are my photos and I can promise you they are totally untouched. I know that as I’m being so brave, you will let the before photos pass without judgement!!!

The top ones were taken before my first treatment, the bottom just 3 weeks after. With the body needing 3 months to totally excrete the fat cells that have been targeted by the treatment these aren’t even the full results.

I’m actually looking forward to Summer this year. I might just by a new pair of bathers!


Who know’s, after another couple of treatments I might just end up looking like the girl below in the actual TruSculpt advert!!

With modern technology, it appears that these days miracles can actually happen.


Until next reveal!!