Well, we have had the Cutera Trusculpt in the clinic for almost a month now and we’ve had fun!

I must admit after all these years in the aesthetic industry I’ve become a bit cynical when it comes to new machines and treatments living up to the (sometimes over stated) manufacturers claims.

Being the first in Adelaide to have the machine we have loved being able to provide this exclusive service to our clients. I’ve had a few areas treated myself and after one treatment on each of the areas and waiting only 3 weeks, I am already seeing surprising results.

However, after years of bemoaning the state of my post menopausal chin (and other parts of my body) I can honestly admit that this one is living up to all the claims.

What it felt like.

Before we started treating, a pad was placed on my body to encourage deeper transmission of the Radio Frequency waves.  (they can penetrate up to about 1.5 cms into your layer of fat – destroying about 25% of the fat cells each treatment) This felt cold when first put on my back. The electrode is then connected to the machine and off we went.

The plate that emits the Radio Frequency is moved from spot to spot, slightly overlapping each time. The temperature is then slowly increased to 45 degrees, which is the temperature that fat cells are destroyed.

It was definitely warm and sometimes it felt unbearably hot, but this only lasted a few seconds and then it felt rather cosy. On my stomach, after the first pulse, it felt rather like a hot water bottle.

The length of the treatment depended on the number of times the plate was needed to cover an area, but generally for a large area , like a woman’s belly, it takes just over an hour. My chin, took 5 pulses and that was 20 minutes.

Afterwards my skin was red for about an hour and felt like I had a slight case of sunburn for about 24 hours.  And that was that. I literally sat back for a few weeks to wait and see. And here is the result of three weeks of waiting.



So I’m just about to have my second treatment and I’ll continue to update the results until I’m happy with how it looks. I think maybe 3 treatment – but we will see.

When I’ve plucked up the courage, I’ll post the before and afters of other parts of me.

‘til next time.