Tattoo Removal in Adelaide

Tattoo Removal – We do it differently!

Most Adelaide Laser Clinics use the same type of laser to remove tattoos.

Usually a Q-switched neodymium (ND) YAG laser is used. It offers a proven laser technique for reducing tattoo ink with minimal risk of scarring.

Q switching in a laser means that the laser beam can be modulated to obtain brief, high energy pulses and the ND is purely the matter that the laser is sent through to achieve the level of energy we require to treat effectively.


Why are we different?

Most tattoo removal sessions will only comprise one pass over the area to be treated. Recent studies have shown that a repeated pass over after a short interlude will increase the efficacy of the treatment, usually reducing the number sessions required.

We also utilize our experience and knowledge to reduce the pain that is often experienced during the session.


Planning the treatment

After our initial consultation where we assess the tattoo(s) and further explain what you may expect and we will formulate a treatment plan.

The exact number of sessions required to remove a tattoo with the laser depends on such factors as the type of tattoo and colours involved.

The length of each session depends on the size (area) and number of tattoos being treated.


What to expect.

We will move over the tattoo with the laser turning it temporarily white. There is no lasting damage to the skin therefore little or no scarring.  Sometimes there may be a change in the pigment of the skin that may persist for several months.

The whitening disappears slowly over a few hours and the pigment colour begins to reappear. This is a normal reaction. The skin in the area of treatment will become inflamed and swollen as part of the treatment reaction, and this appearance will slowly settle over a few days.

We allow six to eight weeks between treatment sessions to let your body remove as much pigment as possible. Over the course of several treatments the tattoo will fade. Scarring is a rare consequence of laser tattoo removal.

Amateur tattoos generally require 6-8 treatment sessions while professionally applied tattoos, which have more pigment, usually require 8-12 treatment sessions. Some tattoos are extremely dense, with a lot of ink, may require more treatments.

Green tattoo ink is difficult to treat and may remain visible even after many treatment sessions.


Approximate Costs

Any consultation or treatment regarding tattoos is NOT claimable from Medicare.

An Initial consultation with our specialist laser aesthetician costs $30.00

Cost of each treatment session depends on the size (area) of the tattoo, but if you pay for three treatments up front, you receive your fourth treatment included.


Tattoo Removal Pricelist (approximate sizes)


Tattoo Size Single Treatment Four Treatments
1 Coin or smaller (2cm x 2cm) $ 60 $ 180
Matchbox (5cm x 5cm) $ 110 $ 330
Business Card (8cm x 5cm) $ 140 $ 420
Cigarette Box (8cm x 8cm) $ 190 $ 570
Quarter A4 Page $ 250 $ 750
Half A4 Page $ 375 $ 1,125
A4 Page $ 550 $ 1,650