Skin tag laser removalSome times, if the tag is of a significant size, it may take a couple of zaps!!

Skin tags are those small little lumps of skin cells that protrude from the skin.

They are very often annoying, more often unattractive and sometimes painful as they become irritated and bleed.

Medically they are known as Acrochorda and are classified as benign, asymptomatic skin tumors, often raised from the skin on fleshy peduncles.

They are very common and usually occur as we age and are believed to result from skin rubbing on skin. That is why they are more commonly formed in skin folds. They are also common around the neck where collars or jewellery rub and under bra straps.

There does seem to be a genetic pre- dispodition and people who are overweight and have more skin folds may also be at greater risk. Changes in hormones during pregnancy can cause them as well.

Skin-tag-removalHistorically in an attempt to remove them, people have cut them off with scissors (OUCH!!), tied cotton around them to starve them of blood supply or been treated with dried ice leaving scaring and hypo pigmentation.

At Lyte, we give them a quick zap with our laser and they fall off by themselves within a couple of days, leaving no scarring. Larger tags will definitely be reduced in size with one treatment but may need a subsequent treatment to remove them completely.

Treatment is quick, easy  and incredibly effective.