What is skin pigmentation?

People come to us for skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide with all kinds of concerns. Effectively, pigmentation is the clinical term for colouring. The colour of your skin stems from your body’s melanin production; produced by cells called melanocytes. If these cells are damaged in any way, it will have an impact on the way you produce melanin. This is when pigmentation issues occur, whether it be due to loss of pigment, or over production. Pigmentation lesions are generally pain-free and harmless—appearing in the form of freckles, age spots and actinic. However, the main issue is the way it can affect a person’s confidence. We meet people every day who feel the need to cover up their pigmentation, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to restore their confidence. Laser Lyte offer two different types of skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide to find a solution that works for you.

Our skin pigmentation treatments

As the specialists in laser, you can trust us to deliver effective skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide. We make your experience as stress free as possible by educating you on the process and providing after care advice. Our treatment is carried out using a Dual Yellow laser that targets the melanin and leaves the surrounding skin undamaged. Some patients see immediate changes, but it generally takes up to 14 days for the targeted spots to disappear. Another alternative to reduce skin pigmentation is our medical-grade peels. We swear by the Elizabeth Arden PRO Professional treatments which have fantastic benefits for your skin. We recommend following the 3-step process outlined on our website which includes pre-preparation, 6 peel treatments, and additional multifunctional peels. It’s a non-invasive and pain-free way to reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Call Lyte Clinic to learn more about our skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide!

The Australian College of Laser Therapy

Our passion is imminent in the research behind our skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide. To carry on our legacy as South Australia’s most respected specialists, we established the Australian College of Laser Therapies. Unfortunately, there’s no current legislations across SA, VIC, or NSW to warrant the safe practice of laser therapies. Not only does this enable irresponsible practice, it makes it really hard for those who want to invest in their skills and expertise to obtain professional support. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to:

  • Provide adequate training
  • Set machine maintenance regulations
  • Implement performance parameters.

The Australian College of Laser Therapy is the first of its kind in south Australia. The goal is to ensure that every patient receives safe, value for money laser treatments that are carried out by passionate professionals. Our level of commitment is evident from the get-go. Come to Lyte Clinic for your skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide!

With over ten-years of full-time experience, backed by international and national training and education, you can trust us to deliver on every promise. If you’ve been experiencing confidence issues related to your skin, call Lyte Clinic to book in skin pigmentation treatment Adelaide on (08) 8271 8888.