What is Rosacea?

Before seeking rosacea treatment Adelaide, it’s important that a health professional has given you a proper diagnosis. Facial redness can be linked to a range of conditions such as Lupus, Seborrhea, Acne or Eczema. However, Rosacea is one of the more common conditions; affecting 415 million people world-wide. The common symptoms people experience are:

  • Persistent facial redness
  • Small red pimples
  • Sensitivity of the skin
  • Dryness
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Inflammation
  • Itchiness

While the cause is not yet determined, researchers are continually looking into new ways to enhance the impact of treatment. Everyone experiences Rosacea differently so it’s important that there’s wide range of options available. In surveys carried out by the National Rosacea Society (NRS), roughly 90 per cent of those living with Rosacea reported a decline in their self-esteem. Lyte Laser strive to reduce this number by offering a reliable and effective Rosacea treatment Adelaide!

Our Rosacea Treatments

To alleviate the inflammation and redness, Lyte Clinic offer laser Rosacea treatment Adelaide to repair broken capillaries and strengthen the skin. Patients can either try a one-off session or invest in a 6-treatment program at a discounted price. This program includes unlimited LED treatments in between laser sessions if your skin is flaring up. Our team have years of experience treating Rosacea and similar skin conditions. We have seen some fantastic results stem from our treatments, and there’s nothing more rewarding than restoring confidence in our lovely patients. In addition to the treatment, we provide education and advice to help you manage your Rosacea outside the clinic. While there’s no quick fix solution, there’s a few things you can do to reduce inflammation. Call us to book in your first Rosacea treatment Adelaide today! Lyte Clinic boast Adelaide’s most qualified and experienced therapists in South Australia.

The EnLYTEned Group

When seeking Rosacea treatment Adelaide, you need a trusted and reliable practitioner.
Lyte Clinic was the first skin clinic in South Australia to focus solely on bespoke laser and light therapy treatments. Our team are nationally recognised trainers in Lasers and IPL. We hold the highest qualifications available in Australia, and our clinic is fully equipped with gold standard equipment to ensure our customers receive maximum benefit. We’re continually updating our tools and practice methods to improve the delivery of light-based treatments in South Australia. We have the expertise and resources to manage all skin conditions that require light therapy. The ultimate goal for our team is to “inspire skin and body confidence through our bespoke, high performance treatment solutions”. We’re also focussed on offering value for money alternatives, because skin issues are draining enough without the added financial stress. Call (08) 8271 8888 to book your Rosacea treatment Adelaide!

The most important attribute of any good laser clinic is passion; and it runs right through our clinic. From the moment you walk through our doors, our therapists are dedicated to achieving the best results for you. For the most outstanding local service, come to Lyte Clinic for your Rosacea treatment Adelaide!