Are you afraid to come out from
behind those sunglasses because
you suffer from sore, dry, red eyes?

Can you tick off any of the symptoms below?

  • Dry eyes
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Bloodshot and watery eyes
  • Recurring styes
  • Visible broken blood vessels around the eye area, or in the white of your eye
  • Irritation,
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Tearing
  • Grittiness or feeling of having a foreign body in the eye or eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Sensitivity to light (photophobia)

It may not be an allergy!

Is it Ocular Rosacea?

It may be because you suffer from ocular rosacea which is often mistaken as an allergic reaction or even a response to cold, windy weather.  Ocular rosacea is in fact an inflammation of the eyes that causes redness, burning and itching. The exact cause is not known, so finding a cure is problematic.

Unfortunately, you may already be experiencing the symptoms of other forms of rosacea (which of course responds brilliantly to light treatment) and this is another unpleasant side effect. For others ocular rosacea may be the first sign that facial rosacea is beginning to develop.

Ocular rosacea can affect your eyes in several ways and often will accompany other forms of rosacea.

Avoid Rosacea Triggers

Obviously the first action for any rosacea sufferer is to avoid the triggers that may set off a reaction. However,if your symptoms are severe enough, your doctor may have already prescribed eye drops and antibiotics, as well as recommended regular eyelid cleansing.

Laser Treatment for Ocular rosacea

Treatments are evolving quickly however, and unfortunately, few medicos are aware of the ground breaking benefits of light therapies have for both ocular and facial rosacea.

Sometimes they simply do not have the time to provide treatment or have access to the technical and expensive machines required. Several opthamologists, general practitioners and opticians refer their patients to us for treatment of rosacea symptoms. We are always happy to communicate with your doctor.

Using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and infrared light therapy, our Nationally Accredited laser and IPL therapists will help you achieve relief from the symptoms of Ocular Rosacea. There is no downtime and we can provide the treatment whilst dealing with other forms of rosacea that may be bothering you.

Why can laser treatment help?

Within the cclinic, your therapist will use an IPL to treat around your eyes. We use a flash lamp that emits specific wavelengths of light targeting compromised blood vessels that are a primary source of inflammatory mediators to the eye. These mediators, are released from cells during inflammation. The most common one is histamine, which triggers vasodilation and increases vascular permeability. This is one reason why you might think you are having an allergic reaction.

Typical Rosacea Treatment Plan

Everybody is different, so we will observe your symptoms to schedule your appointments. Initially they are usually 2 weeks apart, increasing in interval as your symptoms reduce.

We would recommend 4 – 6 treatments initially, followed by occasional maintenance treatments depending on skin complexion and severity of your symptoms.

By reducing inflammation, the tear and oil glands can be restored to a healthier state, which will also assist in stabilising and improving your tear film and increase the comfort of your eyes.

Are there side effects to laser treatment?

You may experience a slight “sunburn” feeling for a hour or two post treatment and you will need to wear sun protection.

The long-term effects include a reduction of the redness of your skin and some cosmetic changes that are an added bonus- reduced wrinkles (the structure of the collagen in your skin will improve and dark spots may reduce in appearance. Of course if you like the lookmof this side effect, we can treat your whole face!!

The treatments are surprisingly quick and pain free.

Whether you are finding the symptoms of either facial or ocular rosacea, please contact us to arrange a consultation and discuss an appropriate treatment plan for your consideration.