You’ve decided to lose that stubborn fat by undergoing a TruSculpt treatment.

It may be for lots of reasons it’s quick, its convenient, its effective!

So instead of traditional invasive liposuction, there will be no downtime, no scarring and no need to wear uncomfortable post surgical under garments.

No-one will need to know that you have decided to get rid of that stubborn fat. You won’t need to take time off work or have anyone look after you.

Who knew it could be so simple!

So what happens after my first TruSculpt treatment ?

First of all, during the treatment you may experience a little discomfort. We need to get the fat tissue to a certain heat so that we can destroy the fat cells and get the best results for you.

After your treatment, the best way to explain how your skin will feel is that it may feel a little like a mild case of sunburn for a few hours. Sometimes it will last longer, but rarely for longer than 72 hours.

There may also be short term redness (hyperemia) for several hours and sometimes the area may also be swollen which will also subside after around 24 hours.

Very rarely, there may be a blister or crusting. If any of these occur, please call our office.

It is IMPORTANT that you follow all
post-treatment instructions provided by your healthcare staff.

If the skin surface is disrupted, there is a possibility that the area may become either lighter (hypopigmentation) or darker (hyperpigmentation) in color compared to the surrounding skin.  This is usually temporary, but, on a rare occasion, it may be permanent.

As the fat cells are excreted from your body, you may experience softer stools for a few days post treatment and more frequent urination – both a good sign that things are going as expected.

Sometimes some lumps and bumps may develop  in the treated area 24 to 72 hours following treatment these typically resolve without intervention over several weeks.

Your second treatment will take place 4 -6 weeks after your first. If you wish a third treatment can also be scheduled to maximize results. Be patient, it will take your body 2 – 3 months to expel the fat cells that have been destroyed. Remember they took a lot longer to get there in the first place.