Port Wine Stain laser treatmentPort Wine Stains (PWS) are those pink to red coloured marks than appear anywhere over the body. They can often look quite purple in colour as wll. Basically it is a vascular malformation which affect about 3 in 1000 people. It occurs both males and females and all racial groups.

There are a number of theories as to why they occur, but never the less  the psychological effect of these marks can be devastating as many of them appear on the face.

These days, Port Wine Stains are usually treated early, however as people reach adulthood, the marks can appear darker and spontaneous bleeding may occur. With advances in technology, laser now seems to be the “go to” treatment.  Using a vascular laser such as the Norseld Dual Yellow, significant results are being achieved.

Because they are multi layered, the marks need several treatments, but with the use of our Dual Yellow , only  2 –  4 treatments are normally required with the mark fading significantly with the first treatment. We treat once a month and there is no downtime.

Where other lasers may leave swelling and bruising for a number of weeks, our laser does not. The finer aperture of the Dual Yellow means that we are able to treat the most difficult areas, even close to the eye.