Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nail treatment (Onychomycosis)

Unfortunately, up to 1.6 million Australians[1] currently suffer from finger and toe nails infected by fungal spores. Onychomycosis can be a persistent and challenging condition to treat with the most common treatments first turned to being topical antifungal ointments, creams and lacquers together with prescribed medications. Fungal nail treatment can be managed using laser treatment.

Fungal nail treatment issues

Further to this, regularly prescribed antimyotics often interact with other medications which can preclude their use and topical anti-fungal ointments need to be diligently used to allow for any success.

Fungal nail treatment

Fungal nail laser treatment

Our Fungal Nail Treatment comprises of using two different wavelengths. One treats the current infection and the other stimulates the growth of a healthy nail.

At Lyte, if there are more than 2 nails affected, we will treat all the toes on the affected foot or hand, with primary treatments 90 days apart.

Treatment Fee
One Hand or Foot
(Two treatments)
Two feet or Hands (two treatments) $495
Single Nails (two treatment) $100


Reinfection after Fungal Nail Treatment

Re-infection can readily occur. To optimise the success of your treatment and minimise this risk the following tips are handy to follow:

  • Use of a topical anti-fungal solution applied daily
  • Regular rotation of patient’s shoes for drying and aeration
  • Treat shoes with an anti-fungal prior to the commencement of treatment and regularly after its completion.
  • Wash hosiery/socks in hot water (60 degrees)
  • Wear thongs in public showers and swimming centres
  • Disinfect shower
  • Trauma to the nails (which makes the nails more susceptible to infection)
  • Ensure correct shoe fittings
  • Do not share nail clippers

[1] Welsh O et al. Onychomycosis, Clin Dermatol 2010 28(2): 151-9

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