Broken Capillary, Vascular Lesions and Port Wine Birthmarks

There are several types of vascular lesions, including broken capillaries, cherry and spider angiomas and port wine birthmarks.

broken capillariesWhat are broken capillaries?

Well, your capillaries aren’t actually broken, but they have become so dilated that they are visible through the outer layers of your skin. They appear in various forms and can vary from single red dots (cherry angiomas) to look like large stains such as port wine stains. When spread further apart, they look like red threads in your face, legs or other areas of your body.

They’re most common among people who have skin that is fair, thin or very sensitive.

How does broken capillary treatment work?

We use a specific wavelength of light (578nm) which exactly matches the peak absorption of successfully achieve a cauterisation of the vessel. This is done without damaging surrounding tissue, including your skin.

With the yellow light from the Dual Yellow laser being immediately absorbed by the blood within the vessel, we are able to deliver immediate results. You will leave the clinic with immediate visible results with minimal or no pain.

Port Wine Birthmarks

Port wine birthmarks are more complex and will take a series of treatments to remove. We are happy to discuss this with you at your complementary consultation.

What is the cost of treating vascular lesions?

Cost of our treatment will depend on the number of vessels that need to be treated. But we are happy to provide a rough price guide if you email a photo to  or send a photo to 0407726685. We can confirm this  with you when you come in for your consultation.

A rough guide is 15 minutes of treatment is $150.00, a half an hour is $350.00. Of course, we can treat other issues such as pigmentation and ageing in this time frame if you wish.