Broken Capillary Treatment

Unlike your arteries & veins, capillaries are very thin & fragile.

Capillaries are so thin that blood cells can only pass through them in single file.

Capillaries are also involved in the body’s release of excess heat. During exercise, for example, your body and blood temperature rises. To help release this excess heat, the blood delivers the heat to the capillaries which then rapidly release it to the tissue. The result is that your skin takes on a flushed, red appearance.

Broken Capillaries are enlarged blood vessels that have widened due to a weakness in the vein wall or a problem with the valves that control the flow of blood. Broken veins are the small, superficial purple or red veins stretching like a web under the skin. Overexposure to the sun is believed to contribute to the dilation of these veins, especially those found on the face.

  • Facial Veins and Capillaries can often be attributed to:
  • An inherited trait from parents
  • Exposure to chronic sun exposure
  • Excessive cold weather
  • Exposure to wind damage
  • Exposure to temperature extremes
  • Aging process
  • Hereditary Factors
  • Oral Contraception
  • Hormone Therapy

Other triggers for facial flushing include coffee, tea, heat, exercise and emotion. These are often triggers for a condition called Rosacea

Broken Capillary Treatment

By using the Dual Yellow laser we treat each capillary to ensure maximum results.

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This may sound like it takes a long time, but in fact capillaries can be treated very quickly and it means that most of them will disappear at the time of treatment.

Other forms of light treatment can take 4 – 6 treatments costing more in the long run both in time and money.

Some larger capillaries around the nose can be difficult to treat but with persistence can be substantially improved.

You can expect the area treated to be red for an hour or two following your session, and the blood in some larger capillaries may appear brown and dark for a few days before being reabsorbed by the body.

At your first session we will treat the capillaries that bother you the most and the ones that are more obvious. In some cases we recommend a second appointment in order that we treat the smaller feeder veins and therefore completely eliminate the problem.

Cost of the treatment will depend on the number of capillaries and the time it takes to treat.

15 – 20 minutes of treatment time will usually be long enough to treat capillaries over both cheeks and nose.


Treatment Fee
Minimum treatment $ 150
15-20 minutes $ 250

If additional time is required we will discuss this with you.