Medical Grade Peels

Medical Grade Peels

Elizabeth Arden PRO Professional Treatments are designed to “jumpstart” your skin towards it journey to health and radiance.

The purpose of these highly effective treatments is twofold: to help skin appear instantly younger while taking your overall results to the next level.

All treatments are followed by natural Perfecting Minerals – a clinically proven skin caring mineral line that contains Tx-Botanical Complex™, nature’s most potent antioxidant blend, to help fight free radicals and the signs of skin aging.

Treatment programs will be recommended based on your specific needs and desired outcome after your initial skincare consultation.

Pre Treatment Preparation

Before commencing a series of Peels, we require you to use At Home Preparation for two weeks prior to your treatments. This will maximise the results and prepare for your skin for an active treatment with long lasting results

You will be provided with one month’s supply of cleanser, day time serum and a night time serum appropriate to your concerns. In addition to this, you will also receive a packet of At Home Peel Pads. Your therapist will explain how these are to be used. Cost of this pre-preparation is $178.

On completion of this preparation you will begin 6 weekly visits to experience our Lunchtime Peel.

The sixth peel is a more intense treatment consisting of the Multifunctional Peel, which can then be experienced on a monthly basis.

The Lunchtime Power Packed Peel

Designed to exfoliate, hydrate and even the appearance of the skin, this quick lunchtime peel is power-packed with skin-enhancing benefits. It will minimise the appearance of pigmentation, acne scarring and the size of pores.

Products used in our Peels & Facials will depend on the condition of your skin and your ultimate goal for your skin.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Medical Grade Peels
At Home Preparation $178
6 Peels Treatment $700
Additional  Multifunctional Peels $ 180

All products are available to purchase for your continued use at home to accelerate and maximise results.