At Lyte Clinic, we have long been strong proponents and campaigners for stricter training legislation to be introduced for laser and IPL practitioners in South Australia.

Unbelievably, despite legislation being passed in other states, there still remains no training requirements in S.A. for therapists.  To overcome this, any aesthetician who wanted to invest in their skills and knowledge has had to take copious amounts of time out of their clinics and away from their families to travel interstate.  This is of course at substantially more expense to themselves.

That’s exactly what we did. Even before the doors of Lyte opened way back in the dim dark ages of 2004, we took the time, paid the extra costs and travelled to learn what we could. At that time, this was still a new, almost unheard of industry, with Lyte being the first dedicated Laser only clinic in Adelaide.

Well times may have changed in that the benefits of laser, both thermal and low level are more widely known and acknowledged, but training requirements have not.

We are therefore extremely pleased to announce the establishment of the Australian College of Laser Therapy (ACLT), the first specialist laser training facility in South Australia. This will mean some subtle changes within the Clinic in the future.

Having trained both nationally and internationally and with over 1o years of fulltime hands on experience, I will be taking on the role of CEO and Chief Educator. You will still receive your personalised treatments from me as usual, but you may see a little more activity both during your visits to the clinic and on line.

You will also be meeting my right hand man Christopher Qualita who is assisting me with this process.

Courses will commence in the second half of this year and more announcements about these will be forthcoming soon.

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