Acne Treatment – No pain, no downtime.

By the time you’ve thought about laser treatment for your acne or acne scarring, we know you’ve tried everything. You’ve scrubbed, creamed, peeled, picked your way into deeper and deeper frustration.

You’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on various treatments and remedies.

You probably think that laser treatment is far too expensive or far too painful to try.

No it’s not.

Once you have experienced the results that our acne and acne scarring programme can deliver you’ll wonder why you waited until now.

This treatment is suitable for all ages, whether it be adolescent or adult acne.

With the same pain-free treatment we will be addressing and resolving acne scarring whether it is red, brown or pitted.

Should your acne be very active we may recommend your treatments happen weekly initially. Once we have slowed your breakouts your treatments will be spread further apart as our attention turns to resolving any scarring.


If you are a student, you may be eligible for our reduced cost treatments.

Facial Acne Treatments Cost
Single Sessions Face  $ 240
Acne plan
(total of 8 treatments)
* $ 1,200
We are able to target other body areas as well
including chest and back.
Student Acne Clinic
Secondary and tertiary students – ID may be required.
Face Only * $99.00
Face and Back * $150.00


*Payment Terms

Zip and Afterpay are available