What is laser treatment? | Acne Laser Treatment Adelaide

Acne laser treatment Adelaide is an antibacterial treatment which treats both active acne and scaring at the same time. Laser light works by applying a light beam to the damaged skin, thus destroying the bacteria that may be causing the breakouts and inflammation. The laser light is then absorbed by the cells of the damaged area, penetrating beneath the skins surface, and repairing the affected skin. Additionally, laser lights are also able to lighten scarring and pigmentation. It can also help to promote natural skin repair and collagen reproduction. Furthermore, laser treatment can also reduce sebum (face oil) levels, which can consequently lower or reduce acne completely. Although acne laser treatment Adelaide is slightly more expensive than other treatments, the treatment is highly effective, pain-free and there is no downtime.

Why Get Acne Laser Treatment Adelaide?

Have you considered acne laser treatment Adelaide? Here at Lyte, we understand that everyone has different skin. Therefore, after your initial free consultation with our skin specialists, we will create a unique program of treatments tailored to your skin. Acne laser treatment Adelaide is suitable for all ages and is entirely pain free. We guarantee you will be left wondering why you waited so long to try laser treatment! Should your acne be very active, we may recommend your treatments happen weekly initially. However, once we have slowed down your breakouts, your treatment can then be spread out further apart. While acne is most prominent during puberty, acne scaring can affect people of all ages, and can greatly affect one’s self-confidence. As the first clinic in Adelaide to focus solely on the provision of laser and light therapy, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best service.

How We Can Help

Lyte are South Australia’s most qualified and experienced laser and IPL therapists, and we’re highly experienced in acne laser treatment Adelaide. After 14+ years in the industry, we have seen hundreds of young adults and students suffering from acne. As a result, we understand the heavy burden that generally tends to come with acne; lack of self-esteem and anxiety. When Lyte first opened the doors in 2004 our primary goal was to promote skin and body confidence through our treatment and solutions. By combining sophisticated technologies with industry leading skin care knowledge, Lyte aims to develop exceptional results and customer service every time. Furthermore, because we know how expensive treatment can be, we have a strong focus on providing affordable acne laser treatment Adelaide. When you visit our clinic, we will ensure that you are allocated your own personal aesthetician who will support you every step of the way.

Lyte are the home of happy, healthy skin. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible results and bring back your confidence. For more information about our acne laser treatment Adelaide, reach out to the friendly team today on (08) 8271 8888.