After 14+ years in the industry, we have seen hundreds of young adults and students suffering from acne and its associated issues including lack of self-esteem and anxiety.

While some antibiotics and prescription medications can assist, they don’t suit everyone. Using Light-based therapy, cosmeceutical grade skin care, acne and pimples can soon be a thing of the past.

We know that these treatments can often be expensive, so as our way of giving back, we are offering our Acne Clinic with treatments at less than cost. Operating weekly on Thursdays from 4 to 6pm, no facial treatment or at home serum will cost more than $79.00

What can we do for you?

We can reduce your acne and scarring.

We all have different skin so after your initial free consultation with our skin specialists, we will design a program of treatments especially created to suit yours! None of the treatments will hurt and there is no downtime, so you can go straight out afterwards.
(Remember, we have heaps of experience and you can ask us plenty of questions- anytime!)

How do our treatments work?

Laser is an antibacterial treatment which treats both active acne and acne scarring at the same time. The blue LED we use also kills bacteria within the skin and reduces breakouts and irritations. Our special anti-acne peels will unclog your pores and remove blackheads so your skin will become healthier and healthier.

At your consultation, we will discuss with you which is the best treatment to start with for your skin. If you need to have peels in your plan, you need to use your skin care for at 2 weeks before we start them, but we can do other treatments in the meantime.

When will my pimples stop?

Everyone is different, but you might even see changes in your skin before your second treatment! Sometimes it might take a little longer, depending on what grade of acne you have and how you look after yourself at home. (we’ll tell you how)


Professional Treatments At Home Skin Care
Facial Acne
$79 (Normal pricing $130 – $220)
Cleanser, Peel Pads and Serum
$79 per product (RRP $130 – $160)
$129 to $159 (Normal pricing $160 – $280)
Non-comedogenic Mineral Make Up
$79 per product (RRP $79 – $97)


“Having suddenly developed Acne, my 14 year old daughter was bullied at school. It affected her so much that she refused to go. I resorted to sending her to a psychologist who referred us to Lyte Clinic.Their approach to her was life-changing. Her confidence has been restored. She loves the treatments and the staff at the clinic treated her with respect and dignity”. – Sue P – Blackwood.

“After my high school years suffering Acne, and nothing working, I was so happy that my Mum sent me to Lyte. I could finally stop hiding my face and felt confident in who I am. I graduated Uni without a single spot”. – Lana M, Wynn Vale.

“Having seen the impact that Acne can have on a young persons self esteem, I have referred my patients to Lyte for several years. The breakthroughs that I have been able to achieve once we have addressed their superficial issues have often been groundbreaking. We often think that what we look like doesn’t count but I can tell you, for a young person it’s very important. Anything that makes them look or feel different has an impact”. – K. L, Psychologist.