Rosacea Treatment

Are you experiencing increased flushing, broken capillaries appearing on your cheeks or nose or even starting to break out in pimples that you thought you had said goodbye to as a teenager?

Image source: Sarah Jagger

Symptoms of Rosacea

All the above are symptoms of a chronic inflammatory disorder called Rosacea. It affects the face, particularly spreading over the cheeks, nose and chin. The symptoms of redness, visible blood vessels, papules and pustules) appear in the middle of the face between the ages of 20 and 50.

Flushing is usually triggered by a response to something that creates heat in your body and the most common are spicy food, alcohol and weather changes. These are but a few and often sufferers will have more than one.

The symptoms of rosacea can lead to stinging, burning, sensitivity of the skin and intolerance to cosmetics are also very common and in some cases the eyes can become red, dry and itchy.


Our Approach to treating Rosacea

With years of experience of treating rosacea, we have developed a two fold approach:

Vascular Rosacea sufferers will experience an immediate reduction in the appearance of broken capillaries, with a gradual reduction in redness.

If your rosacea is of the inflammatory type, by strengthening your skin over a series of treatments the burning, flushing sensation typically reduces. We will discuss with you possible causes of the inflammation and best approach to lesson recurring symptoms.

Treatment costs Cost
Single Treatment $ 350
Rosacea Bundle
(6 treatments as above)
* $ 1,400


*Payment Terms

If you choose to take advantage of our savings and invest in a bundle of treatments, payment of the first two treatments will be required initially and the second payment at your third visit.