Hello Readers!formostar treatment week four
It’s been a very busy time for us here at Lyte, and even myself! I have finally had my tenth wrap and in 4 weeks, I am now measuring 124cm around the waist!!

Initially, I was 131cm around the waist. I am actually shocked by the amount I’ve lost – that’s 7 cm around my waist alone!

In conjunction with the wraps, I have started being a lot more conscientious about what I eat, but that’s probably the only thing I have actively changed.

Since starting my wraps, I have started working a lot more at Lyte and have seen amazing results in our Formostar clients as well.

Just today, I took the measurements of a client who had just had her tenth wrap (I took her initial measurements), and she too has lost an amazing 10 cm (4 inches) around her body! I could start seeing the results on her after her first two treatments.

I have also found I am not having nearly as many headaches and aches and pains as I previously did – the heat does wonders.

I really am amazed by the results from the Formostar, both on myself and our clients, but you should really try it and see how it works for you!

Not bad, eh!

Until next time,